The 7 best secret Mediterranean islands

La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy: Explore the untouched beauty of the Maddalena archipelago, a national park with pristine beaches, clear turquoise waters, and a wild landscape shaped by history and nature.

Meganisi, Greece: Step back in time to the timeless beauty of Meganisi, an Ionian island known for its tranquil fjords, lush greenery, and authentic Greek villages untouched by mass tourism.

Procida, Italy: Discover the hidden gem of Procida, a colorful fishing port in the Bay of Naples, celebrated for its picturesque charm, historic backdrop, and vibrant local culture.

Rab, Croatia: Uncover Rab's hidden treasures, from its ancient town perched on a peninsula to its stunning beaches with emerald waters, offering a serene retreat away from the crowds.

Pantelleria, Italy: Immerse yourself in the natural spa retreat of Pantelleria, where volcanic landscapes, thermal pools, and rejuvenating spa therapies await amid the island's remote and rugged beauty.

Agistri, Greece: Experience the easygoing charm of Agistri, a laid-back island near Athens boasting pristine beaches, waterside tavernas, and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for family holidays.

Lopud, Croatia: Escape to the car-free island of Lopud, a peaceful paradise in the Elaphite archipelago off Dubrovnik, offering serene beaches, forested trails, and a tranquil ambiance away from the crowds.