norb1Most likely you have found this site because you have bought my Book “Voyage of Grace.” Instead of printing a few pictures in the book I have decided to share many pictures through this site. If you click on “Book Chapters” you will find a short description of each chapter with accompanying pictures. Some chapters describe a season in my life where I had no camera, so you will not find much there. At other times I used mainly slides which by now are so scratched and faded that I did not even attempt to scan them. As the story unfolds there are more and more pictures available – enjoy.

If you found this site by accident, and have not read the book, you can purchase it through the link provided, both as paperback, or ebook. Here is the text that appears on the back of the book.


Even as a young man he understood that his story was just a bit out of the ordinary. Norbert was only eighteen when he thought his life was no longer worth living. But then something unbelievably incredible happened. As you read about his journey you may discover more about your own, and your true purpose here in this life.
Certain lifestories are so far away from the reader’s own experience that they are hard to identify with. Norbert’s story is so close, it takes me back to my own days of adolescence, struggles, questions and pains and at the same time reflects the same conclusion: “in Christ there is all I need!” – Norbert’s story also takes me back to so many things we have experienced together, that it becomes part of my own life’s story. Norbert’s life is so encouraging. There is always a way and God’s provision is always just a prayer away. This book leaves you with one thing: ENCOURAGEMENT.

MARTIN BUEHLMANN, Leader of the Vineyard Movement in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

“Voyage of Grace” takes the reader on a journey not only to the other side of the world, but into the heart and soul of a young man seeking to push beyond the limits that others would impose on him. Norbert tells his story with transparency and humor. This book would be blessing to anyone seeking to radically follow God.

CHARLES BELLO, Senior Pastor – Crestwood Vineyard Church
Author of “Prayer as a Place”
Norbert Bauer is a pastor, missionary, teacher and spiritual mentor. Born and raised in Germany he has lived a large part of his life in seven different nations and travelled to more than sixty. Together with his wife Cathy and their seven children they spent 24 years working as missionaries in Southeast Asia. In 2012 Norbert and Cathy moved back to Europe and live currently in Stockholm, Sweden.