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VoG member care & formation

Voyage of Grace is now much more than a book.

Earlier this year we launched Voyage of Grace member-care & formation, a service to pastors, leaders, and missionaries. We want to serve you with our experience and join you on your voyage for a season. To find out more go to the VoG website .

On that site we have begun to blog regularly, so please go there to read about relevant updates.



Norbert & Cathy

The Voyage Continues…

At the end of my book “Voyage of Grace”, I express the idea that what happens next is not just a new chapter in the book, but more like a sequel, or “part 2”.

This sequel began in the fall of 2012, and so much has already transpired that I could have written several chapters for a new book. But will I ever write a new book? None of us has the promise of another day, and some of our plans and intentions may never be realised, because life as we know it can change in an instant.

There is this urge to keep telling my story, not because it is so great, but because it is what we have been given to share. In talking about the “Seven Constants of Church Planting”, John Wimber’s first point is, “Always tell your story”, and then explains why:

“Telling your story is a major part of vision-casting and leadership. Not telling your story can be a contributing factor to lack of church growth, because people lose focus when you’re not consistently telling who you are and where you’re going. And they lose their reason for existence. For many people, their sense of mission and reason for existence rightly comes in part out of being a part of this thing — advancing the Kingdom through the local church. And so people need to be constantly reminded of where we’ve been and where we’re going with the vision that God’s given this church. And you do that by constantly telling your story.”

So I decided to start blogging again. At first I thought of starting a new website for it, but then realised that it makes more sense to do it right here. I will try to write regular updates and share my heart and thoughts with those of you that would like to join me on this voyage for such a time as this.