• 1955 - My sister Monika, Mom, and me at the wheel
  • 1959 - Indian chief in front of our new house
  • Christmas 1967 - me and Günther
  • 1968 - Dad & Mom
  • 1968 - My brother Winfried holding my first model before its first flight
  • Confirmation in Lutheran Church, 1968


I was born in December 1953 in a small town in Germany, called Bad Mergentheim. When I was four years old we moved to a newly-built house in the suburbs of Nürnberg in Bavaria. My sister Monika is four years older, and my brother Winfried ten years younger.

  • 1971 - Monika and Gerhard's wedding. I'm the tall guy on the left...
  • 1971 - Günther during the Hippy years
  • 1971 - With Winfried at an air show
  • My Dad with his VW hatchback - the one I tried to sabotage...
  • This is where I dumped the old "Zündapp" motorcycle


Adolescence hit me with all its turbulence. I had developed into a very quiet and shy young man. It was during those years that I discovered a great love in my life – aviation. Not many pictures from that season – I hated having my picture taken.

  • The train station in Nürnberg - the begin of my journey.
  • The train station in Stockholm in the 70-ties.


After an aborted suicide attempt I “escaped” by train from Nürnberg, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden in February 1972. There are no actual pictures from that trip. I had no camera and was not exactly in a tourist-mode.

  • "Gamla Stan", the beautiful old part of Stockholm.
  • This is a recent picture of the former "Fenixpalatset", where the City Kyrkan had their coffee house.


After meeting Johan I ended up staying at a street called “Svartensgatan” in the beautiful old city of Stockholm. During that short period I could have easily fallen even deeper, but ended up meeting people whose love and care would help me find true hope in life.

  • Stina and I with Jenny
  • Karin, Bosse, and their daughter Jenny
  • Jenny and I soon became good friends


Stina, who volunteered at the “Agape” coffee house invited me to visit her sister and family. Karin and Bosse opened their home for me and showed me a love I had never known. Without their act of kindness there would not be a story to tell.



While living with Karin and Bosse I watched them closely, and it did not take me long to decide that I wanted what they had. I began reading the New Testament, and a book called “The Cross and the Switchblade” by David Wilkerson. Then I knew what I had to do. I knelt down by my bed and surrendered my life over to God. The next day I wrote my first song.

  • Willis, his sister Carina and the kids I helped take care of
  • Christer, Nina, and little Anki kept me busy
  • My new room and pet (check out the purple window)
  • Willis and I drove to Norrtälje every weekend
  • "Ungdomarna" singing at a village square


The next few weeks were filled with many changes. I found a job as a “nanny” with friends of Karin and Bosse. I began working for Carina and Leif by taking care of their three children, and helping around their home. I moved into an apartment with Carina’s brother, Willis, and joined his youth group in a town called Norrtälje. This group was also a youth choir that was active every weekend. Lots of new friends and incredible joy in my new-found faith in Jesus.



God had already spoken to me about becoming a missionary to Asia, and now he confirmed it. I was far from ready, and impatient. My first public testimony had me worried sick, but when the time came I experienced an unexpected release, and I even sang one of my songs.

  • I was not used to skiing in deep snow and had a bad spill.
  • This is not my leg, but my x-ray looked very similar - spiral fracture...


Though I knew that God had spoken to me regarding Bible School, I went ahead and signed up for a one-year outreach with OM. On the way to my destination I took some time off for skiing in Austria and broke my leg. A week later I was back in Sweden, and was on crutches for the next 6 months – lesson learnt!

  • My great aunt, Tante Louise, who had prayed for me to become a missionary
  • FST - the old campus
  • Faith School of Theology in Maine - my home for the next 3 years
  • Part of my freshmen class at FST - I am the taller guy...


After 18 months in Sweden I left for the US east coast. At first I connected with distant relatives in Long Island, and my two great aunts in Philadelphia, then I went up to Faith School of Theology in Maine to start my first year of Bible school. This was a season of great adjustments.

  • Reunion with my parents after almost 3 years
  • Cathy and me at her parents' house
  • Engagement announcement in the local paper
  • We just got engaged - April 75
  • Our only graduation picture, a faded polaroid


So much happened in this chapter. I made it through my freshmen year and returned to Europe for the summer. Reunited with my friends in Sweden as well as my family in Germany. Before I returned for my senior year I met Cathy and we fell in love – 8 months later we were engaged. After that, trips to Finland and Israel, my senior year and graduation from FST.

  • Wedding Day
  • One of our smuggling vehicles - code-named "Betsy"
  • Cathy riding shotgun in the mighty Peugeot - that is the one that the Russian guards x-rayed.
  • Believers in former Yugoslavia - Mart Vahi on the right.


On June 5, 1976 Cathy and I got married in New Jersey. Two weeks later we moved to Germany where we began our ministry as Bible smugglers. For the next 2 1/2 years we traveled once a month to an Eastern European country behind what used to be called the “Iron Curtain.” An exciting season, but limited opportunity for taking pictures.

  • Choir at the church in Nürnberg.
  • Lennart, Cathy and I singing in the streets.
  • Our little family with Björn, Nils and our first dog.
  • Trip to Norway with Cathy's parents - her dad loved every minute...
  • Our Cambodian friends in Nürnberg


After much consideration, we realised that God wanted us to return to Nürnberg – the very place I had escaped from. We served in a church for four years, and during that time our sons Björn and Nils were born. My call to Asia was ever-present, and I felt a particular longing to go to Cambodia.

  • Martin Bühlmann who became my best friend and pastor
  • Men of influence: Earl Stuart, Todd Burke, and Charles Bello.
  • Not long after we moved our first daughter Carina was born.
  • Nils and Björn enjoying their new brother Lars.
  • Our church plant, the Basileia Lörrach.


Another very turbulent season in our lives. We moved to the Swiss border to help plant a new church. Things went well at first, but tragedy hit a few years later. Developed new relationships, and found a place called “home” that would eventually lead us into the Vineyard movement. Our daughter Carina and son Lars were born, and I took my first trip to Asia.

  • Our 5th child, Leif, was born shortly after we arrived.
  • My friend Sven and "Sister Ofie" ministered to many churches.
  • One of our training seminars in a place called Bicol.
  • Our first car - a 1963 Impala - required constant attention.
  • The kids enjoying advent season in great heat and humidity.
  • One of my sea eagles during my "bird-man" season.
  • Crossing rivers to reach our first tribal village.
  • Aeta refugees in the "tent city."
  • Our students ministering to the refugees - Martin visiting.


On May 1, 1988 we finally left for Asia – the Philippines. An incredible time of transition for the whole family. After initial set-backs I found my place alongside other missionaries training church leaders. The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo caused us to move north and run our first discipleship school while evangelising the Aeta refugees. Experienced God’s grace on all levels.

  • Cambodian map made of skulls - aftermath of civil war.
  • Eja born in our bedroom with Cathy's midwife from the Philippines. My "beardless" phase...
  • Happy with our 6th child.
  • The family settling into a new world.
  • Part of a large international team at Global Network.
  • This man was raised from the dead after his wife prayed all night.
  • Lars with Toby when he was still a baby.
  • Nils with "Civvy" the civet.
  • Leif enjoying a shot down helicopter from the Vietnam War.
  • My Bible school class - heroes of the faith.
  • Sophal passing out alms to the poor.
  • Sunday service on the 5th floor of our building.
  • Some of the 30 street children and orphans taken in by the church.
  • Sunday outing stalled - stuck in the mud with AWD.
  • Enjoying nature was a problem because of land mines.
  • Eja holding her new sister Lena in Penang, Malaysia.


Cambodia – we finally made it! Eja was born at home. Part of a large team. Training leaders again. Private zoo. Miracles and God’s manifest presence. Rough on family, but God’s grace stronger than ever. Helena born in Penang and miraculous healing. Leaving after 4 years with changed hearts.

  • The kids enjoyed the island-life.
  • Dr. Joy and Elsie who treated us royally and helped us get settled.
  • Björn graduated from Dalat International School.
  • The oldest and the youngest - soon after Björn left for the US.
  • Eja and Lena were still home-schooled.
  • Silly sisters enjoying each other.
  • Lars enjoying birds in Singapore - not mine...
  • Leif found a new friend during a trip to Lake Toba in Indonesia.
  • And yes, there were critters - only dogs and cats.
  • Great discipleship school with students from many places.
  • This school was even bigger, and kept me busy.
  • Carina and Josh went to school together and started dating.
  • Nils graduating 2 years after Björn. Not sure why the long faces...


Moved to the island of Penang, Malaysia, which seemed like paradise after Cambodia. Most kids went to international school and Björn and Nils graduated there. Worked in local churches and ran two big discipleship schools. The family enjoyed the wonderful nature, and the luxuries of a more developed world. I missed the presence of God we experienced in Cambodia.

  • The city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.
  • The beginnings of the International Vineyard.
  • David and Sheila who paved the way for us and became close friends.
  • Park dedication with governor, mayor, and police chief.
  • Went to Oklahoma to be at Björn & Laura's wedding.
  • Carina's graduation from Grace International.
  • Carina and Josh's wedding not far from our house.
  • Lars' graduation from Grace.
  • Our lovely new house - an unexpected blessing.
  • Leif's graduation from Grace.
  • Eja's graduation from Grace.
  • Lena's graduation from Homeschool Co-op.
  • My best birthday present ever...
  • The schools were getting smaller but more intensive.
  • One year we actually had 2 schools, this one...
  • ...and this one.
  • Our students in Burma.
  • Visiting the slums with our students and my friend Don Sciortino.
  • Somchai and Poommarin, the leaders of the Thai Vineyard.
  • Starting the Chiangmai House of Prayer.
  • Abby and Nelly - guess who ruled in that relationship...
  • Abby blessed us with 2 litters of puppies, 15 in all.
  • Many visits to the elephant camps - always a delight.
  • This kitty is for real at the Chiang Mai Night Safari.
  • Wonderful surprise, Karin and Bosse came to visit us.


This chapter spans 11 years in Chiang Mai Thailand. A very historic place for our family: 5 high school graduations, 2 weddings, 4 children leaving the nest, a new house, and 15 puppies. On top of that 2 church plants, 5 training schools, and lots of trips to other nations. Not a bad season, but it ended quickly, and in a big surprise. Lots of pictures thanks to digital photography.

  • Leaving our lovely home was not easy.
  • This bird took us from Bangkok to Helsinki. From there just a short hop to Stockholm.
  • Family reunion in Texas, summer 2012.
  • Lena's first real winter and snow.
  • Trying to get used to cold winters after 24 years of tropical climate.
  • Back i Sweden after 40 years - the place where it all began - the Voyage of Grace


After a surprise visit to Sweden to a reunion with my old youth choir, things began to shift in my heart, and I could see myself leave Asia for the first time in 24 years. This was confirmed a year later when the Lord made the story of the salmon come alive in my heart. Within 6 months we had transitioned from Chiang Mai to Stockholm, Sweden – the salmon had returned after 40 years.